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11/13/2013 Build Notes v.38.02 – Rock the House

House Party Build v.38


Major News

This week’s build features the first publically playable version of our new game mode codenamed House Party.  Players will be able to access the game mode by selecting the “Competitive” menu at the Fight Screen.   There have been a significant number of changes to House Party, including new art, spawn locations and an increase in maximum level players can reach during the game.  If you’re interested in seeing the game mode in action check out Developer Live Stream #46.

We’ve also included the ability to change your display name through use of a one-time token that will be granted to all of our existing testers.  Any name changes that players would like to make after using their free token will cost Spacebux.  We’ve created a video walkthrough on how to use the new custom display name feature – please make sure to check out the walkthrough to learn how to use the new feature.  We know this has been a heavily requested change and we’re happy to be able to finally bring it to all of our existing testers.


Call to Action

We’re looking for players to provide extensive feedback on House Party.  All feedback should be posted in the House Party forum.  If you’re interested in watching some gameplay to learn a bit about the game mode, check out the video below:


New Features

  • House Party Added to Competitive Playlist.
  • Added the ability to create custom display names.
  • Added Cat Daddy taunt to the Outfitter.


Gameplay Changes

  • Increased the maximum level from 10 to 15 in House Party.
  • Added new art to Teleporter spawn locations to House Party.
  • Added new HUD UI to House Party for player levels and objectives.
  • Added new art to Trailer Park for House Party game mode.
  • Added new audio when completing or queuing certain House Party objectives
  • Decreased the self-buff rate to 25%
  • Increased the Kickback Buff Rate from 30% to 33%
  • Added Respawn countdown timer to all game modes after death.
  • Added ability to steer character more when dive rolling.
  • Health bars now show damage dealt.


Bug Fixes

  • Juiced on respawn fix
  • Fixed a bug where camera clipped through rock collision.
  • Fixed a bug when grabbing the hammer in House Party.
  • Fixed multiple bugs related to sending and receiving Party invitations.
  • Fixed multiple bugs with the Friends List
  • Fixed character pops after taunting in the end game screen.
  • Reduced camera wobble during running while looking up and down.
  • Fixed a bug prohibiting Heals and Buffs on the scoreboard.


Known Issues

  • If the Change Display Name screen is open when a match starts, the window gets stuck on screen until the client is restarted.


11/15/2013 – Hotfix

  • Fixed a bug causing crashes when exiting the game.
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