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11/25/2013 Build Notes v.39.01 – Player Progression (Hotfix)

Player Progression

Major News

This week’s build features a major change to player progression.  The change will require a reset to player accounts and we are issuing Spacebux bonus rewards to all of our beta participants as a result.  We’ve detailed all of the player progression changes in an update on the website, however if there are any questions please make sure to submit them on the forums or through the support@loadout.com email.   The Spacebux bonuses will not be immediately available, but we plan to have them available to all accounts within 24 hours.


The implementation of the new player progression system will bring about a new in-game currency called Blutes which will be used to unlock weapon parts and equipment.   Weapon parts can still be unlocked through Weaponcrafting, but they can also be unlocked through the Tech Tree while Equipment can only be unlocked through the Tech Tree.  The inventory which stored weapon parts is no longer in use; each part that is unlocked can be used universally across multiple weapons.


Players that reached level 10 and above will be rewarded with t-shirts that showcase their level range before the reset.  Additionally in-game statistics will be reset as a result of the changes.  Cosmetic items and taunts will not be reset!  Players will maintain all of their existing outfits in the Outfitter.  No cosmetic items have been lost, head over to the outfitter and set up your outfits!


Call to Action

The player progression system is live and we’re interested in feedback on the Tech Tree and the new experience crafting weapons.  Please provide feedback on the progression system, how tutorials can be improved and on the Tech Tree.  Each and every one of our tester’s feedback has been extremely vital to the progress we’ve made and we truly appreciate it!


Player Progression Beta Brigade T-Shirt

New Features

  • Added new player progression system.
    • Added the Tech Tree.
  • Added Blutes as the currency that is earned by playing the game.
  • Added Romanian fonts.
  • Added new UI to the Locker.


New Cosmetic Items

  • Added Beta Brigade t-shirt for Axl and T-Bone.

Gameplay Changes

  • Level cap is now set at level 40.
  • Improved the checkout speed when creating weapons or outfits.
  • Removed holiday pumpkins from levels.
  • Player levels have been reset.
  • Gun Slots can now be unlocked by earning levels.  Additional slots are unlocked through Spacebux.
  • Loadouts can now be unlocked by earning levels. Additonal loadouts are unlocked through Spacebux.
  • Made updates to localization.
  • Made UI changes to the post match screen.
  • Turrets can no longer shoot through the force field in House Party.
  • Disguise no longer sets off enemy mines.
  • Added the ability to use the Rename Token to change lower case letters (for users with the same display name) to capitalized letters.


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Damage Decals on character models
  • Error 400 fixes.
  • Lighting fixes on Drill Cavern
  • Fixed some hitching in gameplay.
  • Fixes to the Jackhammer HUD.
  • Fixes to damage bus.
  • Fixed a bug related to Hammer Carrier rebalancing.
  • Sticky mines no longer give “Long Shot” score
  • Fixes to the Crash report tool.
  • Fixes to the Spawn Point state.
  • Fixed a bug with the interaction between Pyro payload and the Shield equipment.
  • Fixed a visual bug with overheating beams.
  • Fixed a bug allowing you to throw a grenade after death.
  • Fixed a bug with warping while using Scuttle Rockets.
  • Fixed a bug with the accuracy of bot health.
  • Fixed a bug with the remote mind camera.
  • Fixed a bug with the X-Ray scope.
  • Fixed camera popping on respawn.
  • Fixed a bug while sprinting and jumping while aiming down sights.
  • Fixed a bug that causes enemies to pop up or down a bit while jumping.
  • Upon rejoining a House Party match after disconnect, your progress starts back where you left off.


Known Issues

  • The XP Boost is mislabeled when the boost is one day or less .


11/25/2013 v.39.01 Hotfix

  • Fixed a bug that did not allow players to equip Tiered weapons.
  • Fixed a bug when creating a party or accepting a party invitation that disabled HUD UI button functionality.


We also had to disassemble character outfits and assign key mapping to default controls.  Players will need to:

  • Recreate their outfits. They won’t lose any cosmetic items, just the saved outfit.
  • Redo their key mapping in the settings.
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