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Build Notes v.34 – We Can See You


Major News

Today’s new build includes new weapon parts, tuning changes and bug fixes.  This is also the first time players will be able to play on the recently unveiled, textured version of Drill Cavern (link includes screenshots).  Two new scopes will also be making their way into this build.  One scope, the Bio Scanner shows the health of teammates and opponents.  If you want to play the support role it can be coupled with a healing weapon or you can equip it on an offensive weapon to have a better understanding of what enemy player is the most vulnerable.

The Private Playlist now includes the ability for players to choose teams by selecting “Go Red” or “Go Blue.”  Access to the playlist will be limited and granted on a player-by-player basis.  Tuning changes for this build are heavily geared towards improving the viability of the Pulse Chassis and weapon parts that are less often utilized.  We will continue to heavily monitor feedback on weapon and gameplay balance.


Call to Action

As previously mentioned, there have been a number of tuning changes to the Pulse Chassis and we are looking for feedback on these changes.  Please provide any and all input on the Pulse and all other tuning changes in the Feedback, Ideas and Suggestions section of the forums.  Additionally, we want to hear your initial impressions on the Bio-Scanner and X-Ray scopes.

If you are interested in forming teams and scheduling private playlist scrimmages, please contact arCtyC for information on how to access the Private Playlist.  We will be monitoring Private Playlist games quite extensively, to evaluate how the game plays in a coordinated, team-based environment.

As always each and every beta tester has been a tremendous contributor to the improvement of Loadout! We truly appreciate all of your continued support, suggestions and critiques.


New Features

  • Added the textured version of Drill Cavern.
  • Added Bio Scanner Scope to Tier 2 Scopes.
  • Added X-Ray Scope to Tier 2 Scopes.
  • Added “Go Red” and “Go Blue” to the Private Playlist. Information on how to access the Private Playlist will be provided to some Community members and all active Deputies.
  • PAX 2013 T-Shirt for Axl and T-Bone (only available with a Redemption Code)
Drill Cavern

Drill Cavern

Inside the Drill

Inside the Drill



  • Everyone faces towards the center of huddle.
  • Disguise no longer sets off proximity mines.
  • Prices have been updated based on country.
  • Removed Elite Playlist.
  • Increased starting level for “Get X kills on fissure” contract
  • Changed ping time display on the scoreboard as an icon.
  • Increased the minimum value for the gamma and mouse sensitivity options.


Gameplay – Weapons and Equipment

  • Improved rate of fire for Pulse weapons.
  • Improved hip fire accuracy for Pulse weapons.
  • Bolt Action magazine reload time is now affected by any part that affects the rate of fire for pulses and rifles – quicker rates of fire mean quicker reload times.
  • Slightly increased the penalty on accuracy while moving with rifles.
  • Players can no longer reload while aiming down sights with some scopes.
  • Increased the time charge trigger can be held for Pulse Chassis before it auto-fires.
  • Increased the number of ricochets for bouncy and skipping Pulse weapons from four ricochets to six ricochets.
  • Slightly increased the damage on Semi-Auto triggers for the Pulse Chassis.
  • Improved the headshot damage for Headhunter barrel on Beam Chassis.
  • Increased Cluster damage and reduced the spread angle for Cluster dispersal.
  • Reduced the spread angle on Salvo trigger.
  • Decreased the charge time on Salvo trigger.
  • Slightly increased the damage for Scatter Barrel on Pulse Chassis.
  • Slightly increased the damage on multi-barrels on the Launcher Chassis.
  • Increased the max radius on the Tesla rocket explosions.
  • Slightly reduced how much dive roll puts out fire.
  • Disabled the ability to reload while aiming with some scopes.
  • Limited the number of mines per player to 15 total.
  • Improved weapon recoil movement.
  • Reduced Turret tracking speed.
  • Reduced Turret damage by 5%
  • Reduced the base accuracy of Turrets.



Bug Fixes

  • Fixed banding in dark areas on high quality mode.
  • Improved lighting dynamic range in front end menus for low and medium quality modes.
  • Fixed washed out particle effects in low quality mode.
  • Fixed a bug where if 2 people were on a control point, but only 1 is taunting, the CP wouldn’t move toward the taunter’s team.
  • Fixed warping bug while running and meleeing.
  • Fixed a warping bug while dive rolling.
  • Fixed a bug where healing friendly bots caused them to target you.
  • Fixed a bug where more than 1 person could pick up blutonium at a time.
  • Fixed a bug with manual detonated rockets which left no decals.
  • Fixed a bug with turret aim mechanics.
  • Fixed an issue where player was on fire but it wasn’t getting shown.
  • Fix login error that could cause the client to reach a state where it would always fail to login.
  • Fixed a bug with the display of level requirements for playlists on the Fight screen.
  • Fixed some of the mouse issues trying to rotate the character in the Outfitter.
  • Fixed mouse clipping after alt-tabbing.
  • Removed a stray text field from the Options screen.
  • Fixed some visual issues in Weaponcrafting.
  • Fixed a bug with the display of badges in the scoreboard.
  • Network bandwidth optimizations.
  • Reduce network bandwidth used.
  • Improved server stability.
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