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Build Notes v.35 – Berets and Turrets


Major News

This week’s build has rather significant changes to gameplay. We have added new animations for backward jumping, and made some major changes to the turret. Backwards movement while jumping is now identical in speed as forward movement while jumping. This means that players can maintain distance against opponents in pursuit. Please note the list of Turret changes below and keep these in mind both for using a turret in your loadouts, and for encountering enemy turrets in-game.


Call to Action

This week we are specifically looking for feedback on Jackhammer. We have made significant changes to the Hammer smash radius and bug fixed associated with warping. Providing your feedback on the changes made to Jackhammer will provide significant


New Features

  • Added Fissure Night to the Bot Playlist.
  • Added Brewery to the Bot Playlist.
  • Added Trailer Park to the Bot Playlist.
  • New Gametype (codename Ubergame) is live in the Private Playlist.


New Character Customization

  • Added Badass Hat for Axl.
  • Added Scruffy Mug for Axl.
  • Added Red Beret for T-Bone.
  • Added Green Military Hat for T-Bone.


Gameplay and Weapons

  • Scopes on turrets now further reduce the sideways range of the turret. The higher the zoom, the less horizontal range they have.
  • Slightly reduced tracking rate of beam turrets.
  • All turrets take longer to acquire targets and to switch between targets.
  • Changed tesla effect on turrets from 3X damage to 2X.
  • Reduced health on turrets from 200 to 150.
  • Reduced bullet “width” by about 5%.
  • Improved reload speed for super scuttles.
  • Slight buff to damage for 2 and 3 round burst triggers.
  • Reduced headshot bonus on snipers and headhunters (101 damage with a bolt action sniper headshot).
  • Added a slight penalty to aiming time for sniper barrels.
  • Increasing the effect from distance dropoff on assault barrels.
  • Shock absorbing stock gives a little better recoil reduction, but takes slightly longer to aim down sights.
  • Change to matchmaking so that if there are no games running a playlist for a given region then it will allow games to be spawned with only 2 players. If there are servers, but a player has been waiting longer than a set time it will also allow a new server to be created with a minimum of 2 players.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where different zoom scopes were not scaling the max range of turrets appropriately.
  • Fixed a bug where beam turrets had much more “ammo” than intended.
  • Fixed a network bug causing disconnections.
  • Fixed a warping issue when meleeing while running.
  • Fixed a warping issue when dive rolling.
  • Fixed warping while using the Jump Boots.
  • Fixed a crash caused by the “Buff 30 teammates” contract.
  • Fixed a crash when taunting in the Outfitter.
  • Fixed a crash caused by Tesla rocket explosions.
  • Fixed a crash caused by exiting Loadout from the Home Screen.
  • Fixed “damage bug” with:
    • 2nd grenade
    • Tesla beam
    • Player death
    • Punching turrets
    • Mines

Known Issues

Anti-virus BKAV will show our .exe as a virus (we’re working with them to become white-listed).

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