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Build Notes v.36 – The Headless Gunman


Major News

This week’s build features our first iteration of skill-based matchmaking! Players should note that matchmaking times will increase as a result of grouping players based on their skill-ranking.   We will continue to optimize the matchmaking in order to make sure that games feel fair.  Additionally, we have added an average wait time calculator  to the matchmaker UI in order to better inform players of their expected play times.  In celebration of the holiday season, we’ll also be offering the Pumpkin Heads to the Outfitter for the month of October.


Call to Action

We are interested in hearing what type of options you would like for custom servers.  Head over to the forums and leave your ideas in this thread: Custom Servers.

We will be adding more players to the Private Playlist this week!


New Features

  • Skill-based matchmaker is now live.
    • Wait times will increase when searching.
  • Added Drill Cavern Night to the Core and N00b playlists.
  • Added Jack-o-lanterns in Fissure Night and Trailer Park Night
  • Added average wait time calculator to the lobby when searching for a match.

New Character Customization

  • Added Pumpkin Heads to the Outfitter for T-Bone and Axl.
  • Added Arctyc Mask to the Outfitter for T-Bone and Axl.
  • Added the Canada Baseball Cap to the Outfitter for Axl.
  • Added the German Helmet to the Outfitter for Axl.


Gameplay – Weapons

  • Disguise no longer triggers Faux Health or Faux Equipment Packs
  • Hammer visual effect now explodes out to the full damage sphere, laterally and vertically.
  • Spawn doors in House Party now face outwards in House Party on Trailer Park.
  • It is no longer possible to get into the enemy base in House Party on Trailer Park.
  • Only two clip’s –worth of mines can be active per level (example: If a player has a single-launcher, two mines can be active at a time; if a player has a hex-launcher, twelve mines can be active at a time).
  • Mines deactivate when the player that placed them switches to a loadout without that mine-laying weapon.


Bug Fixes

  • Trap packs (red dots) no longer show on a player’s radar.
  • Fixed a bug causing Death Snatch vials to float in the air.
  • Network fix for bug that caused bots to spam messages, making it harder to connect and stay connected.
  • General improvements and fixes to network stability.
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