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Build Notes v.37 – It’s Party Time

Build v.37 Party System

Major News

This week’s build features one of our most community requested features to date!  The ability to ‘Create a Party’ with a group of your friends has arrived with Build v.37.   Players can now create a party with up to 7 of their Friends and enter the Matchmaking playlists as one group.  Additionally we have added the ability to select teams by selecting ‘Team A’ or ‘Team B’ once players are in a matchmaking lobby.  Please keep in mind that Team selection priority will favor Parties.

On the gameplay side of things, Juice Kickback is now in place to alleviate balance issues we’ve seen with “self-juicing” and we are hoping to promote more teamwork should players decide to use the payload.   Juice changes have also made their way to Mine launchers which now have a time limit on their buffed damage.


Call to Action

This week we’re looking for feedback on the Party System.  Please use the Community Raidcall channel or head to this thread and contact players in the community to test out the Party system.

Make sure to follow the official Twitch Loadout Live Stream channel to view up-to-date changes in the game before they are available on Steam.


New Features

  • Added the ability to ‘Create a Party’ with your in-game Friends.
  • Added “Party Chat” when in the lobby menus.
  • Added in-game UI to show when Friends appear online and send Party invites.
  • Added the ability to select ‘Team A’ or ‘Team B’ when in a matchmaking lobby. Party selections take priority.
  • Added the “Rejoin” button to the Fight Menu in order to rejoin your most recent match (in case of disconnections).
  • Juice now has kickback similar to the Health Payload.
  • Added a Juice Meter to the Health bar.
  • Added chat functionality across the game.
  • Enabled DX11 support.
  • Added Team Rebalancing in live matches.
    • When there is a team size imbalance of 2 or more players (and the match is not almost over by score or time) the game will announce a rebalance will occur.
    • Team Rebalancing will kill the player, but this does not affect their score, K/D ratio or any challenge related streaks they may be in the process of completing.


New Character Customization

  • Added Beer Beard to the Outfitter for T-Bone.
  • Added Shaggy Beard to the Outfitter for Axl.
  • Added Tie Dye T to the Outfitter for Axl.
  • Added Guns Don’t Kill T to the Outfitter for Axl.
  • Unlocked the ‘Walrus’ Tusk Mask to the Outfitter.


Gameplay Changes

  • Juiced mines have a time limit on the buff.
  • Size of the hitbox for mines has been increased.
  • Vote Kicked feature has been removed.
  • Killing an enemy by shooting their mines now counts as a kill.
  • House Party damage modifier has been decreased.
  • House Party end-game objective has been altered.
  • Health Packs in House Party now heal at half the rate.
  • Added an option to use a spawn teleporter to House Party.


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an exploit on Drill Cavern allowing players to reach the top of the drill.
  • Fixed an exploit on Trailer Park allowing players to reach the top edges of the map.
  • Fixed a bug allowing players to ‘Rocket Jump’ when using the Remote Control scope.
  • Fixed a bug that showed mines sticking offset of a character model that had been shot with a mine.
  • Fixed a bug allowing Turret Mines to remain in-game, even if the player that used the Turret Equipment left the match.
  • Fixed a bug causing the burn state of the player model to remain even if the player was not hit by Fire.
  • Added a prompt when attempting a purchase without the Steam overlay enabled.
  • Fixed a bug where players’ Health entered an invalid range temporarily.
  • Fixed an issue with the 202 disconnect log.
  • Improved network and bandwidth.
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