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Build Notes v.40 – Do The Helga Twerk

Helga is here - Build v.40

Major News

Build v.40 is the first build that will feature our brand new character, Helga! Helga is the first female character introduced into the Loadout universe and we are extremely excited to see how players will react to her personality and game design within the Loadout universe!  As it stands, this build, not only marks the first new character, but brings with it a slew of new features, balance changes and lots of bug fixes.  Existing players that fire up the game will immediately notice the change to the in-game HUD which has been redesigned and now natively supports 1080p resolutions.  Many of the individual HUD widgets have been repositioned on screen and are now transparent in order to provide more situational awareness when engaged in firefights.  The end-game victory scoreboard is also transparent, so players on the winning team will be able to humiliate their opponents, forcing them to watch just a bit longer.

Avatars are also available in Build v.40.  Players will have the option to unlock or purchase from the selection of 43 Avatars.  Most of the them can be earned by completing milestones in the game such as reaching a certain level or surpassing a specific number of kills.  Each Avatar is unique, so be sure to check the description on how to unlock them one-by-one in the Locker.

In addition to the design and build of Helga, the Art team has been hard at work creating the fully-textured version of Shattered.  Shattered will be the game’s largest map, featuring two completely different size variants depending on what type of game mode is being played.  The largest version of Shattered will be playable on the game mode Jackhammer while the other game modes will use a smaller version.  The game mode Annihilation is also planned for the larger version of the map, but will not be playable in this build.

We received a considerable amount of feedback on general game and weapon balance.  Build v.40 will include major balance changes to the Pulse and Beam Chassis.  The Pulse Chassis is receiving a considerable buff while the balance changes to Beam are much more evenly distributed.  Please take a look through the exact changes in this monstrous change list that represents our latest game build!

Call to Action

We need your help with testing and feedback on this new build.  There are lots of changes, so submit any bugs or general gameplay feedback on the forums.


New Features

  • Extraction Game Mode is now available in Co-op against Bots.
  • The in-game HUD has been re-skinned and now supports 1080p natively.
  • New Post match screen.
  • Added our new character Helga
  • Added Avatars to the Locker.
  • The textured version of Shattered is now in the matchmaking rotation.



  • Added the ability to have “mouth” cosmetic items (cigars, toothpicks, etc).
  • Helga outfitter parts added to the catalog.
  • Added Cat Daddy taunt.
  • Added Golf Clap taunt.
  • Added Sumo Twerk taunt. 


Weapon Balance


  • Increased pulse collision radius by 20%
  • Reduced the damage on pulse snipers and charge trigger for pulses by 5%
  • Improved pulse damage on magazines by 5%, with the exception of bolt action
  • Sped up projectile speed on pulse shotguns


  • Reduced DPS on standard and heat sink beam mags by 5%
  • Reduced heat capacity for liquid cooling magazines on beams by 3%
  • Upgrading beam cooling now improves the heat capacity slightly with each tier.
  • Increased damage of pyro beams by 5%
  • Reduced beam radius by 5%
  • Decreased damage on liquid cooling by 2%, and increased the heat generated by 2% (no more 3hk semi-beam)
  • Added a more significant rate of fire penalty for liquid cooling beams
  • Improved the 2 and 3 round burst effect for sniper beams by about 5%
  • Increased fire rate for burst triggers on beams by about 10%


  • Increased distance and inner radius of shotguns by about 5%
  • Tesla shotguns now create arcs.
  • Reduced the movement penalty to accuracy for rifles and pulses by 10%
  • Reload starts immediately when changing to an empty weapon, no longer waiting for the animation to finish.
  • Charging the Hammer in Annihilation now grants the carrier a shield.
  • Name tags over characters now fade based on distance.
  • Removed manual Bot difficulty to alleviate farming Blutes and XP.
  • Crosshair reticule while carrying the Hammer is now disabled.
  • Tesla arcs now have a maximum distance of 20ft.


  • Shooting, Melee Swings and Flag Swings no longer expose a player in Disguise.
    • Disguise is exposed when the shooter does damage, buffs or heals (includes continuous burning effect).
    • Disguise is still exposed when taking damage, dying and manual releasing.



  • Retuned XP amounts earned towards your guns
  • Increased rate of weapon XP for healing weapons
  • Reduced XP and blute gain from bot matches to 50% (was 75%)
  • Loadout and gunslot unlocks now require higher levels (5, 20 for Loadouts, 2,8,15,30 for Gunslots)
  • Equipment now costs more blutes to unlock in the Tech Tree
  • Improved some of the weighting of the prize boxes to be more generous.


  • Display Names are now limited to at least 3 characters.
  • Removed Happy Hour.
  • Bots can now play the extraction game type.
  • Small updates to the tutorial for the tech tree.
  • Removed alpha levels from the casual playlist.
  • Pro-tips are no longer randomized.
  • Updated starter packs content.
  • Localized Crash Report tool.
  • Music continues to play while in weapon test level.
  • Added multiple, new error messages to replace the “Bad Request” matchmaking error.
  • If a party member does not make it into matchmaking, they entire party will be removed from matchmaking and notified.
  • If a player leaves an Annihilation game, that players only matchmaking option will be to rejoin the Annihilation game they left (until the match ends).
    • Players will be suspended from all matchmaking except Rejoin for 5 minutes
  • Matchmaking now supports reopening matchmaking requests. This means in some cases, players will be put back into matchmaking with the same priority they left.
  • Matchmaking will now prevent players from being in multiple servers at the same time.
    • If you get a message saying you are currently in a server, wait a couple seconds and try again.  This change was put into place to prevent several bugs.
  • New UI for the Starter Packs.
  • Clicking on an empty Loadout weapon slot now takes you to the store.
  • New UI for Blute and XP boosts.
  • Shooting pickups now works more consistently.
  • Improved Bot spawning logic to match that of players.
  • Death Snatch vials no longer get stuck in the pit on Fissure.
  • Bots in the shooting gallery cower less when aiming at them (to allow for practicing head shots).
  • Changes to the kill plan and camera on certain levels that allow players to fall to their death.
  • Bot matches now show the same Bot names for everyone in the match.
  • Added a giant explosion to the end-game sequence in Annihilation.
  • Players can use the Rename token to set capitalization on their name.
  • Combo Boosts now provide correct warning when purchases causes a time overwrite.
  • Warning messages from Customer Support now list the specific reason a player was cited and the warning clears upon acknowledgement.
  • Your  own name appears as available in the Change Name Display screen.
  • Players with US country accounts, no longer see “USD” after a price value.
  • Players can buy out unlockable slots for weapons and loadouts (after buying purchase only slots).



Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where you could not upgrade to tier 3 for pulse and rifle magazines
  • Fixed incorrect XP amount for manual detonator tier 2
  • Fixed tier 3 rifle sniper barrel XP amount from 0 to 80K
  • Fixed a big with incorrect reload amount for tier 3 Toob barrel
  • Fixed a bug showing 0 ping values on the scoreboard
  • Fewer match disconnects due to player connections.
  • Matchmaking errors now remove you from matchmaking instead of automatically retrying.
  • Fixed a bug that removes Buff icons from turrets.  Turrets cannot be Buffed.
  • Fixed a bug where Pulse weapons would not damage Faux pickups.
  • Fixed a bug when reloading single fire weapons.
  • Fixed a bug allowing players to use the Disguise equipment when no player was on the other team.
  • Fixed a bug allowing the Hammer effects to play on all clients.
  • Made UI and game flow improvements with Parties and the Friends List.
  • Fixed an issue where the Hammer could become invisible and unresponsive in Jackhammer.
  • Fixed several “lag” related issues when observing Bots dive rolling and jumping.
  • Bots no longer jump in place immediately when shot.
  • Fixed the physics on Death Snatch vials.
  • Fixed several bugs where bots get stuck in place or spin in tight circles.
  • Fixed a player orientation bug when deploying a Spawn Point on a slope.
  • Fixed a bug where players were not facing forward in the end-game celebration screen.
  • Fixed a bug where bots had poor aim when firing at turrets.
  • Made improvements to reduce overall network bandwidth.
  • Fixed a bug where Jump Boots would trigger if you played a second jump immediately upon landing.
  • Fixed a bug where your killer’s red outline would cover the whole screen if they were close to the camera.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed you to partially jump through thin ceilings and shoot opposing players in Alpha Levels.
  • Fixes and improvements for Error 400 Disconnects.
  • Fixed rare case where events that occur when an object is created are lost.
  • Improved recovery on network  when being overwhelmed by network traffic.
  • Fixed a memory bug where player disconnect could cause problems with the game.
  • Fixes and improvements for the Error 402 disconnects.
  • Fixed the Vote Surrender win/losetie calculation.
  • Avoid getting friend’s info into a bad state by not letting you “Find” yourself
  • Purchasing “Connecting to server” modal now removes “Cancel” button at the point of no return instead of starting a new modal.



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