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Dev Diary – Campaign Beta

What’s up Loadout Community!?

While we finish up the features for the Campaign beta, we thought a good’ol dev diary featuring two of our developers would hold you over…for at least the time being! Enter Mark Nau, Creative Director on Loadout, and Walter Badgett, Senior Game Designer on Loadout. We gave them the mic and the opportunity to explain some of the key features that you will experience in Update 5.0. Everything from missions, weapon balance and the Kroad. Check out the Dev Diary above, and be sure to tell your bros about the Alien Brain Scan Deflector, free to all who participate in the beta!

Keep your ears open, as we’ll be droppin’ the news on when you can experience the beta shortly!

For Frequently Asked Questions pertaining to Update 5.0, please follow the link!

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