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Dev Livestream #67 + Build Notes

A little bittersweet as we bid Arctyc a fond farewell. Plus a ton of tuning to everything from beams to shields and more.


  • Extended barrel ranges for beams to be more generous up close (except sniper barrels)
  • Reduced healing rate by about 2.5%
  • Fixed a bug that was causing reload speed to be unaffected by certain parts for single-barrel launchers
  • Reload time on single-barrel launchers increased by about 2.5%
  • Slowed down mortar’s initial speed to match that of lobbed, and improved the damage by 5%
  • Improved damage and reload speed on double barrel by about 2.5% each
  • Improved damage for launcher triggers (except semi-auto) by between 2%-5%
  • Improved blast radius and damage of multi-barrel launchers by about 3%
  • Reduced blast radius of heavy launcher barrel by 2.5%
  • Improved ADS speed for light assault barrel, and reduced for snipers, by about 10% each
  • Reduced rate of fire bonus for spooling trigger in rifles and pulses
  • Reduced rate of fire by 5% for silencer barrel
  • Made the stability(recoil) for silencer barrel more closely match that of assault barrel
  • Slightly improved accuracy and range for LMG barrel
  • Improved damage of LMG barrel by about 6% (except for burst-fire)
  • Improved Rate of Fire by 10% for LMG, and reduced its ammo capacity by 20%
  • Improved tesla pulse damage by about 3%
  • Increased the charge up time for personal shield from 2 to 2.5 seconds, and reduced the active time to 7.5 seconds
  • Improved the bonus damage of tesla on personal and deployable shields from 1.5x to 2x
  • Improved the heat capacity for full auto and spooling beams by 15%


Removed Jackhammer from Ranked play.

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