Loadout - Create, Customize, Kill!

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casual? not exactly

Don’t be fooled: Casual is only casual compared to Competitive. The action is still frenetic, and the four game types take no prisoners. Casual features drop-in, drop-out play, and you can join solo or with a group. Lobbies stay active as long as players stick with them. After each match players vote on the map and game mode combo to play next. Between rounds is a great time to tweak Weapons, Loadouts, or Outfits.


Every kill counts—as long as the Blutonium vial gets picked up. Picking up the red vials dropped by dead opponents scores your team points. Deny the other team from scoring by grabbing the green vials dropped by dead allies. It’s vital to stick together in Death Snatch so that there’s someone left alive to grab the vials and score points. Check out the video.


Forget capturing flags. Capture the enemy’s hammer and take it back to your base while protecting your own to score. Oh, and the hammer is a brutal melee weapon. Smashing enemies with it nets more points on a successful capture. Steal the hammer -> smash people -> profit. Watch and Learn.


Grab the unrefined Blutonium scattered over the map and take it to the grinder bins for processing—and points. Stop the other team from scoring by killing their collector. When a collector dies, another player on the team is randomly chosen. Unrefined Blutonium is incredibly volatile when shot or thrown—watch out! See the tutorial.


Capture the active control point to score. The more players in proximity to the control point the faster it captures. Taunting in the capture zone also speeds up the process—but makes the capping team an easier target. The closer a team gets to capturing, the longer it will take the other team to capture the point. Watch the pros.


This is serious, hardcore, no-holds-barred Loadout. Competitive is the mode for those seeking top-level play and teamwork. Not for the faint-hearted: get ready to prove you’re worthy.


For serious competitors we have Annihilation, which combines elements from Blitz, Death Snatch, and Jackhammer into one humungous pot of hardcore: cap the points, cap the vials, and cap the hammer! Win Annihilation by racking up ten thousand Team Points, thereby lowering the enemy shields so you can blow up their dropship. Boom! Get in
the Game!