Loadout - Create, Customize, Kill!

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How to Play

Loadout features fast-paced, agile movement for a reason—staying still will get you killed. But be careful dive-rolling, sprinting, and firing your weapon continuously (unless it’s silenced!), because those actions reveal you on the radar. That’s just one of many tricks that are detailed in the videos below. Check ‘em out!


All of Loadout’s controls are fully configurable for both mouse + keyboard and controller users. The default controls are depicted below:


Our HUD is fantastic, and contains all the elements from futuristic military jetfighter programs (okay, not really). It’s well-designed, and has everything you need to navigate the game—including color-blind mode. Check it out:

1. The Health Bar is one of the first things you'll notice when you begin a match, at the top left of your screen. Just above it, you will see the name of which weapon you have equipped along with its ammo count. Please be aware, there is no regenerative health in Loadout. If you find yourself low on health, quickly find a health pack, or get a teammate to heal you.

2. On the lower left, you will see the Scoreboard. Here you can see how much time is left on the clock before the match ends, and which team is currently in the lead. Your team will always be displayed in green.

3. The Minimap is located in the upper right-hand corner of the screen and will help you navigate through a map to find teammates, enemies, and game objective based items.

4. The chat box is located on the left side of your screen and allows you to communicate with both your teammates and opposing players. Press Y to chat with everyone in-game. Press U to chat only with your team.

5. The Battle Log appears just opposite of the Chat Box and notifies you of any player deaths and kill streaks while a match is taking place.