Loadout - Create, Customize, Kill!

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Dress to Impress!

The Outfitter is all about options, character customization, and personality. But not power—power is all in the Tech Tree. The Outfitter has three categories of items: Boosts, Loadout slots, and Cosmetics. Boosts grant a bonus modifier to the amount of Blutes and Experience gained while playing. Loadout slots are for players who really, really like Weaponcrafting and want more options—but remember: a player can only have one Loadout equipped at a time. Most importantly, the Outfitter is where all the character customization and personality happens!

Loadout has three characters to pick from: Axl, T-Bone, and Helga. After a hard day annihilating one another, they hang out in the Outfitter with all their clothing options. And there are a ton. Each character has a variety of categories ranging from hats and facial hair to belts, shirts, and pants—or lack thereof! T-Bone feels divine in a tiger-print thong; Axl loves to flaunt his guns in the Black Tux Jacket. And Helga, well, she just loves it all: from the badass military fatigues to the ever sultry sweatpants. Grab a character and go wild! There are options from the comical to the badass, and everything in between.

Last, but certainly not least, players can use Spacebux to unlock Taunts in the Outfitter. Taunts are great for showing off after a great kill or objective capture—or just to celebrate being awesome. Each character can have four taunts equipped, and there are way more than we could list. From the ever-sarcastic Golf Clap to Twerking to Playing Air guitar on the equipped weapon, Taunts are the final piece of the personalization and customization puzzle. And when you’re first place and your character is center stage for the post match victory screen, you’re gonna want to show off with some choice Taunts.