Loadout - Create, Customize, Kill!

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It’s a Gun Tree!

The Tech Tree is where all the gun parts, payloads, and equipment live. Each Chassis is its own individual tree, and contains sections for Payloads, Triggers, Magazines, Barrels . . . the list goes on and on. Some Chassis, like Launchers and Pulse, have additional categories that affect how the projectiles behave. The only currency that works on the Tech Tree is Blutes—your Spacebux are no good here, they’re for the Outfitter.

Unlocking parts on the Tech Tree is pretty easy. Play Loadout to earn some Blutes, and then use those Blutes to unlock a part you want. Remember that unlocking a part for one Chassis only unlocks it for that chassis. But, that part can be used on multiple weapons built with that chassis type. Some parts can only be unlocked after the prerequisite parts have been obtained. Not sure if a particular part is right for a gun? No problem: in game through the Weaponcrafting section players can test out any parts next in line to be unlocked. That way those hard-earned Blutes will always go to a good use. Parts can also be upgraded with Blutes, but only after the part has acquired enough experience through use.

The other big part of the Tech Tree is Equipment. Equipment includes Grenades, Shields, Disguises, etc. All players start with Slug Grenades unlocked, but don’t neglect unlocking more Equipment, as some of it can really complement a play style. Want to snipe? Grab some jump-boots to access those high, hard to reach areas. Playing defensively? A Turret has your back. Get creative with Equipment to complete your ideal Loadout.