Loadout - Create, Customize, Kill!

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Build the exact gun you want to dominate the battlefield. Then craft another one just for overkill—and that’s just one Loadout. Use Weaponcrafting to construct an entire arsenal to be ready for every map and every situation. You define your role with the weapons you create. And forget the boring stereotypes. In Loadout, there are billions of combinations to create the perfect gun for your exact play-style.

We hope you’re creative, because Weaponcrafting lets you unleash your inner mad-scientist. Build a rocket launcher that fires proximity mines that heal your teammates when they get close. Design a minigun that fires bullets that electrocute your enemies. Create a sniper that unleashes a beam of fire, and a pulse cannon to dominate at all ranges. If you’re feeling particularly adventurous, hit the Randomize Button a few times to see the billions of combinations at your fingertips.


Designing your perfect weapon in Loadout is easy. First pick the Chassis to determine what type of projectiles your gun fires. Second, customize the chassis with parts to modify the behavior of the gun to your precise design. Finally, select a Payload to imbue your gun with an additional attribute.


The chassis determines how you deal death to the other team. Rifles shoot bullets with near-instantaneous travel time. Launchers fire a variety of self-propelled rockets with great damage potential. The Pulse chassis fires a barrage of fast-moving projectiles, and Beam unleashes a continuous stream of death.


Select each Part to fine-tune the performance of your weapon until it kills just the way you like. Tinker with the barrel, scope, trigger, stock, magazine, and more to create the exact tool for the job at hand.

Start with a Pulse chassis then add an X-Ray scope and Bouncy Dynamics to see your enemies through walls, then harass them by banking shots at them from around corners. Or customize a Launcher with Scuttle Propulsion, Sticky Shells, and Quad Cluster to fire mines that crawl along the floor, stick to walls or enemies, and then explode setting off additional secondary explosions. The parts refine your weapon into a work of death-dealing art.


Last, but not least, the Payload imbues your weapon's projectiles with an incredible additional property. Loadout has five distinct Payloads to choose from, ranging from dealing extra damage over time, to healing, to buffing.


The Classic. Perforate, dismember, and explode your opponents with direct fire projectiles like bullets, shells, and rockets. Slug is for the traditionalist, who appreciates the crack of a sniper shot over newfangled gizmos.


Like the hum of electricity? Like it better when it's coursing through someone else's body? Then the Tesla payload is for you. Tesla has all the predictability of a lightning bolt, and might just arc to nearby targets for double the fun—shocking!


Everyone loves someone using Health. Except the other team. They’ll try and mercilessly murder you at every opportunity because of how important you are. But they’ll have a tough time with that, since Health lets you Overheal your teammates to 150% health before the fight, and keep them topped up during.


Let's set the world on fire—or at least the other team. Pyro puts all of your burning needs in the palm of your hand, literally. Use Pyro to incinerate your foes, causing burning damage over time. Laugh as they crumple into small pyres to your glory.


Need a pick-me-up? Feeling a bit down? Then Juice is for you! Use it on yourself or teammates to move faster and deal more damage. Does the idea of pounding your opponents into pulp appeal to you? Then grab some friends and Juice up. Your opponents won't believe what hit them—or how good you looked doing it.


Take your custom-tailored aresenal into battle and annihilate your opponents. Create Loadouts with weapons designed specifically to dominate each map. Customize weapons to counter every play-style. Kill!