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Loadout Community YouTubers and Live Streamers!


Today, we wanted to provide a list to some of our prominent community content creators that have actively supported the game since we debuted in Closed Beta.  Most of these players have been with us for over a year having contributed by submitting videos helping us with bugs, providing valance feedback, but most of all they have continually tried to get others players excited about the game by submitting awesome content!


Many of the live streamers will have access to in-game item redemption codes and other goodies, so if you’re looking for freebies you might want to stick around their channels. Here is a list of some of our Loadout YouTubers and Twitch TV Live Streamers!  Please show your support and follow or subscribe to continue growing our community.



  • Beignis

Beignis provides a number of tutorial videos and gameplays.  He’s also a community moderator and one of the first members of the Closed Beta.

  • JPB

JPB has some of the best Loadout montages we’ve seen! High production value, quality kills and all around awesome member!  You’ll frequently find him on our forums helping out the new players!

  • Walrus

Wally is our Walrus-obsessed, easy-going community moderator.  He’s another player that has been around since the early days of the beta and makes humorous and helpful videos for the community.  Here’s currently spending time releasing his Loadout Weapons of the Week.

  • Slaughter

Slaughter releases a number of gameplay shorts, community highlights and the occasional tutorial.  He might have the only Fore Golf montage on the internet?


Live Streamers

The Live Streamers below have been consistently streamed Loadout since we removed our NDA back during Closed Beta.  They are featured on our Community Live Streamers page and have the ability to hand out in-game redemption items to other players in the community.  Make sure to follow their streams, ask them questions about the game and get in on the free stuff!




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