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Loadout Developer Live Stream #47 – Rock the House (Build v.38)


In this week’s Developer Live Stream we discuss all of the changes that went into Build v.38.  The focus of the build was centered around implementation of our new game mode, House Party.  House Party combines many of the objectives from other game modes into one sweet, action-packed match.  We’ll have more information explaining the rules of the game mode in the very near future, in the meantime players can check out the House Party forum to read up on all the latest discussion about the new mode.


This build also brings with it the ability to change your display name.  We have granted each of our beta testers one Rename Token if they wish to create a custom display name.  There is a brief video tutorial explaining how to use the new feature available on the site.  Be sure to check it out if you’re interested in changing your in-game name.  Community notes from the stream are listed below:



  • There will be a new forum and it will be tied to your in-game account. There is no ETA on it just yet, but it’s going to happen. Post counts, stats and all that may very well end up *not* making the transition. If you have concerns or questions about your individual statistics they may be able to artificially add them but it will probably require you giving them millions of dollars or beer*
  • *Not necessarily true.
  • The issue regarding upper-case letters in the name change functionality is known and is being worked on. It should be resolved soon. Basically, the case isn’t taken into account and when you reserve a name, it reserves the Uppercase with it, it’s just not displaying properly.
  • Juice kickback was buffed a bit in this build.
  • House Party should need a minimum of 6 people to start the game. If there aren’t 6 people searching, you may not find a game.
  • Also, House party level cap was increased from 10 -> 15.
  • Progression is progressing. Sounds like it may make it to QA on Friday.
  • Danny did some polish on the death animations and the cameras that show them.





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