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Loadout Developer Live Stream #50 – Turkey Fatigue and Annihilation


In this week’s developer live stream we discussed some of the upcoming plans we have now that we’ve completed most of our critical launch features.

Annihilation – New Game Mode Updates

The new game mode previously codenamed House Party, has now received its official name — Annihilation.  We’re currently working on revamping the mini-map for the game mode by improving the way vital game information is displayed.  Part of that improvement includes providing more clarity for objectives in hopes of giving players more awareness of what they should be doing during the course of a match.  We also plan on solving “stalemate” situations that result in very long matches.

Once these changes go into the live environment, we’ll be looking for feedback from our beta testers!


Weapon Balance Changes

Our weapon designer, Walter Badgett or AlbinoGorilla (on the forums) has been hard at work making tuning changes to Pulse, Beams and Rifles.  A major change that will be coming is the 3-hit Kill semi-beam will require 4-hits to kill.  The Pulse chassis will see a significant number of improvements across the board to improve its performance in-game.


Other Changes and Updates

You can read the Community Notes on these changes on the forums.

  • When we reach 20,000 Likes on our Facebook Page, we’ll release the Cat Daddy Taunt
  • The Shield equipment will receive some changes in the future
  • Updated Shattered screenshots will show up on next week’s stream.
  • We’re working on a new post-match screen:

Annihilation and Post match screens





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