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Loadout Developer Live Stream #51 – Avatars Revealed!


We’ve been pretty busy the last few weeks getting the game primed and ready for big things.  We wanted to start off this week’s stream showcasing some of the changes going into the next build (v.40).  In addition to the in-game changes, we have also completely revamped the website with the primary focus being on the forums.   We have now tied in-game usernames to the website, so players logging in for the first time will need to use their in-game email or username to access the forums.  If you experience any problems accessing your account on the website, don’t hesitate to email us at support@loadout.com.


The changes in-game are primarily aimed at polishing bugs and implementing a few new minor features.   One of those new features is the addition of Avatars which players can equip once they unlock or purchase them in the Locker.  We will have 43 Avatars at launch and the majority of them can be earned by gaining levels, unlocking weapons or equipment and completing in-game objectives.   Three Avatars will be available by default (one of those Avatars is Helga).


There are also some minor UI changes to the Weaponcrafting menu.  The menu now displays the statistics differently and have included the experience progression of the parts on the weapons players have built. In the Outfitter we’ve included a slot for toothpicks and cigarettes that animate with facial expressions – during the stream I played with T-Bone’s cigar.  We’ve also added the option for full body outfits!  The last few changes going into Build v.40 were shown at the end of the stream and they’re all Annihilation changes.  The control points have been remodeled for the new game mode and we now have an improved mini-map.  We’re hoping the changes to the mini-map help with game clarity.


Community member and Game Deputy, Beyta has more information about the upcoming build in his Community Notes thread on the forums.   If you want to watch the Developer Streams, head over to our Twitch TV channel and give us a follow!


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