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Loadout Developer Live Stream #60 – Deployable Shield, Double Barrel Rockets and Wave Propulsion!


This week we showcased several new weapon and equipment parts – some of which will be released in the upcoming major build this month.  The Rocket Chassis will have a few more options including a Double-Barrel for multiple rocket use and Wave Propulsion which fire rocket projectiles in a wave-like pattern, making them more difficult to shoot down.  The Light Machine Gun barrel was also highlighted as an upcoming part for the Rifle, Pulse and Beam chassis.

As the name suggests, the Deployable Shield will allow players to deploy a stationary shield that halts incoming damage while simultaneously allowing the deployer to fire their weapon safely behind the shield.  The new weapons, equipment, and balance changes shown in this week’s stream are all subject to change and are not finalized!  We’re excited to introduce a variety of new parts to increase your arsenals!

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