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Loadout Developer Live Stream #61 – New Map “Spires” Playthrough and Q&A


This Developer Live Stream provided the first game mode play through on our upcoming map, currently named “Spires.”  There was also live gameplay use of the Deployable Shield, the LMG Barrel, the Double Barrel Rocket Launcher and the newly reworked Personal Shield.  Spires features a stark contrast in vertical gameplay accented by planked bridges and plenty of areas to utilize advanced jumping maneuvers.  The new map, Deployable Shield, Double Barrel (Rocket Chassis) and lots more will be available in the upcoming build.


The Dev Stream today was also an “Ask Us Anything” event, so we spent most of the stream answering many of your questions!  You can find a detailed Community breakdown of the stream created by Beyta by visiting the forums! Be sure to tune in every Wednesday at 4pm Eastern Standard Time to catch new content and speak with the dev team! Next week we’ll be debuting the new, upcoming game mode!

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