Enter Your Birthday

Loadout: Enter the Kroad!

Whaddup Weaponcrafters!?

You’ve been destroy’n your bros across the Loadout universe but it’s time to mount up and fight the baddest-baddies in this galaxy, Enter the Kroad! These intergalactic, Blutonium-hungry-combat-machines are here to slay you and your bros, so what are you gonna do about it? Ain’t nobody got time for Blute stealin’ space cowboys! Check out the trailer above and see how we’re taking the fight back to the Kroad!


Oh yeah! When Enter the Kroad drops, you will have the option to sport Kroad gear on both PC and PS4! Let those blue bastards know you mean business by wearing the Kroad scalp, and more, into battle! As an extra bonus, there’s a chance a Kroad Grunt will drop into battle sporting his own special shirt, too. Fiending for the update and final push for Enter the Kroad? Go check out the PC Beta and get a taste of what is to come in 2015!

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