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‘Loadout: Going In Hot’ short film!


Live Action you say?

Welcome to Loadout: Going In Hot, the live-action short by the guys and gals who brought you Fallout: Nuka Break! The folks at Wayside Creations approached us earlier this year as fans of the game and pitched their awesome idea for a short revolving around the Loadout universe. We’re pretty excited to work with Wayside and Machinima on the project and look forward to Loadout: Going in Hot dropping on Youtube soon! Check out the poster and tell us what you think? For you sci-fi fans, recognize anyone?


And here’s the official word from Wayside Creations:

Richard Hatch Stars In Live-Action Short Based On Over the Top Shooter Loadout

Wayside Creations’ latest live-action adaptation, Loadout: Going In Hot debuts December 16th on Machinima Prime

Loadout: Going In Hot, a sci-fi live-action short inspired by the popular hyper-violent third-person shooter “Loadout” from Edge of Reality, will debut on Machinima Prime on December 16. . Introducing viewers to Gaz, Captain of the HMS Loadout and his loyal crew, the film delivers to viewers the same excitement, absurdity and key gameplay elements that fans of the game have come to know and love.

Headlined by Richard Hatch (Battlestar GalacticaAll My Children) as Gaz, the film features a strong ensemble cast which serves to create a character driven drama that doesn’t ignore the fast paced, high stakes action that are mainstays of the gaming experience.

Directed by Vincent Talenti (Red StarFallout: Nuka Break) the short film also stars Matt Mercer(Attack On TitanIron Man: Rise of Technovore), Bonnie Bower (Fallout: Nuka BreakEscape),  Jon Enge (Mars Rising Films), Becca Hardy (Off-Season), and Circus-Szalewski (Fallout: Nuka BreakConan O’Brien)

About Loadout: Going In Hot

In a novel twist on the well-traveled sci-fi genre, Loadout: Going In Hot follows a group of “merchant marines in space” who compete with other local haulers in the highly profitable (and extremely dangerous) antiquities and curios shipping business. Gaz and his crew scramble to avert a ship-wide disaster; while racing against the clock and Gaz’s arch nemesis, Mick, in their quest to retrieve a high value cargo payload. Like other critically acclaimed sci-fi properties (Firefly, Battlestar Galactica), Loadout: Going In Hot is peppered with genre action and violence while focusing on character development and interactions.

About Wayside Creations

Wayside Creations is a Los Angeles based production company specializing in live-action video game adaptations. Most recognized for Fallout: Nuka Break and Fallout: Red Star, Wayside has developed a methodology for bringing some of the worlds most popular video games to life by telling new stories that take place within the in-game universe, using new characters, locations and technologies.


Richard Hatch – Gaz
Bonnie Brewer – Cassie
Matt Mercer – Rook
Jon Enge – Snacks
Becca Hardy – Sarra
Circus-Szalewski – Mick

Here’s a little something to whet your appetite:

Going_In_Hot_photo10   Going_In_Hot_photo09
Going_In_Hot_photo08 Going_In_Hot_photo07
Going_In_Hot_photo06 Going_In_Hot_photo05
Going_In_Hot_photo04 Going_In_Hot_photo03
Going_In_Hot_photo02 Going_In_Hot_photo01

Things are starting to heat up on the PS4 launch for Loadout!  We’ll have more soon!

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