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Drop it Like it’s HOT Event – Steam Summer Sale


Ah yeah! It’s summertime, and we’re celebrating in style! With 50% off Steam Starter Packs and rare Loadout loot to be had, it’s time to hit the beach and work on that farmer’s tan, while swimmin’ in new Loadout content exclusive to the Steam Summer Sale! How does one get the goods? By playing Loadout of course! Hop on Loadout during the Steam Summer Sale, which runs from June 19th to the 30th and you’ll get exclusive item drops as you play with your friends!

What kind of content you ask? How about Axl sporting the “well-done” look in the new Sunburned Skin outfitter item! To complete the beach-bum attire, be sure to snag the Board-Shorts, Arm Floaties and the Duck Float exclusive to Axl! To cap it all off, we added the Booty Shake Taunt to chastise your opponents or throw a dance party with the bros! If you can’t find the whole set or have more than what you need – be sure to hit the Steam Marketplace to buy, trade or sell with your friends!


Drop it Like it’s HOT Event Items:

  • Board Shorts for Axl
  • Arm Floaties for Axl
  • Badass Duck Float for Axl
  • Sunburned Skin for Axl
  • The Booty Shake Taunt


Steam Summer items

It’s the Steam Summer Sale and it’s only here for a limited time! Get out there, throwdown on some Loadout and nab some sweet summer goods!


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