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Loadout Developer Live Stream #66 – Blutonium Blues


  This week’s Developer Live stream unveiled a snippet of the song, “Blutonium Blues” which is the official version of the community requested rendition of Scott Snyder’s (Senior …

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Loadout Developer Live Stream #61 – New Map “Spires” Playthrough and Q&A


  This Developer Live Stream provided the first game mode play through on our upcoming map, currently named “Spires.”  There was also live gameplay use of the Deployable …

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Loadout is Free to Play Now!

It’s LAUNCH DAY! That means Loadout is now officially Free to Play, so make sure to grab your friends and jump in the game! We are very excited …

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Loadout Launch Date – January 31, 2014!


First and foremost, we would like to sincerely thank everyone who has been a part of the Closed Beta and Early Access programs! Your support has been tremendous …

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Loadout Developer Live Stream #51 – Avatars Revealed!

devstream5 (2)

  We’ve been pretty busy the last few weeks getting the game primed and ready for big things.  We wanted to start off this week’s stream showcasing some …

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Back from SXSW Interactive


The Loadout team recaps the SXSW Interactive event and discusses the new features in the latest build.  We also discuss some of the upcoming weapon parts that will …

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Developer Live Stream #13 — Weapon Tiers are Here


  This past week’s Developer Live Stream unveiled our Weapon Tiers feature that is now a part of WeaponCrafting! We provide a detailed walkthrough of how the new …

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Developer Live Stream #12 – Shipping Yard Unveiled


  For those of you that missed this past week’s Developer Live Stream, we have provided the rebroadcast with the video above.  This stream features more concrete details …

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