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What’s up, Loadout Community?!

We know you’ve been waiting patiently, and it’s finally time to share some of the details from Update 5.0! We’ve been quietly working on the largest amount of content the Loadout community has seen since launch. In fact, it’s so big we’re going to run a separate beta with the community to ensure it’s ready to rock-n-roll. The beta will be open to all Loadout players and will go live in the coming weeks. You will help shape the future of Loadout and provide pivotal data, feedback and experience. But we’re not quite ready yet.  In the meantime, we put together a small teaser to give you an idea of what’s coming in the near future:

The Loadout universe is expanding, and the teaser trailer is just a part of what you can expect from the update when it launches. We know you really want details, so here’s a brief synopsis of what is to come:

  • Fight the mysterious invaders with up to three of your friends in the new Campaign mode through many missions that will test your teamwork, strategy and quick thinking.
  • Grab rare loot in-game to craft your favorite weapons of mass destruction.
  • Organize your stash of weapon parts and equipment in the new Inventory system.

Alien Brain Scan Defelector

Also, for participating in the Update 5.0 beta, we will give each player the Alien Brain Scan Deflector cosmetic item!

This is only the beginning, and we can’t wait to expand on each portion of Update 5.0 in the coming weeks. Stay tuned for more details! For Frequently Asked Questions regarding the beta and the update, visit our support section for more information.

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