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Welcome to the Gun Show: Soundtrack


Like the tunes in Loadout? Here’s your chance to snag them all in one collection! Loadout: The Soundtrack is available Now at: CDBabyiTunesGoogle Play MusicAmazon music. Produced by our audio mastermind himself, each of these tracks is an original song built around the atmosphere and vibe in the game. Now you won’t have to hum the menu music, you can download and listen anywhere! Check out the tracklist below and be sure to snag the soundtrack today!


9. Sunday Afternoon Militia
10. Lock ‘n’ Load
11. WMD
12. Killing Time
13. Pisar el Grillo
14. Brass Disco Balls
15. Blutonium Blues
16. Ol’ Jackhammer
1. Welcome to the Gun Show
2. Payload
3. Barrel Roll
4. Bust a Cap
5. Money Shot
6. Weapon of Choice
7. Bullseye

Get your copy today at CDBabyiTunesGoogle Play MusicAmazon music

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