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Loadout Account Resets — New Progression System

The new player progression features are on the verge of coming online and we wanted to let everyone know what will be affected when the new system is in place.  With that being said, let’s cut right to the chase.


We will be wiping the inventory and as a result will be issuing a Spacebux refunds to all beta tester participants. The inventory will no longer exist so all weapon configurations and weapon parts will be lost.  In order to earn weapon parts, players will need to unlock them on the Tech Tree using the new in-game currency called Blutes.   Every player will be given starter Blutes in order to craft their very first weapons. Blutes can only be earned by playing matches, subsequently weapon parts can ONLY be unlocked by playing the game.  We want to emphasize that players cannot use real-money currency to buy weapon parts.  Parts can only be earned by playing.

Additionally, once a part is unlocked in the Tech Tree players will be able to use that single part across any weapon they want to build.  Previously players needed multiple versions of the same part to construct a new weapon that used that part –  we thought that process was a bit cumbersome.  Now players will only need to unlock a part they want once and they can use it however many times they like.  Upgrading weapon parts is also quite different.  Now weapon parts gain experience separately, based on how much time they are being used.  After the weapons reach a certain level of experience, players will be able to upgrade them to the next level by using the Tech Tree.


Player progression levels will also be reset, however all of our testers will be given level achievement t-shirts which will signify the level range they achieved before the reset.  Progression resets will also impact player stats.  Starting with Build v.39, players existing stats will be reset.

Progression Beta Brigade T-Shirt


Each player’s cosmetic items and taunts will not be wiped during this transition to the new progression system.  Players will have to re-equip all of their existing outfits to their Loadouts in order to view them in-game.


Quick Progression Summary

  • Player progression levels will be reset
    • Beta Brigade t-shirts will be given to players showcasing their level range earned.
  • Player Inventory will be wiped. Includes:
    • Weapons
    • Loadouts
    • Equipment
  • We will issue Spacebux Refunds to our beta participants
  • Blutes will be introduced as the in-game currency
    • Players will receive starter Blutes
    • Blutes will be used to unlock weapon parts.
  • No cosmetic items or taunts will be wiped.
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